Types of Garage Door Locks

Garage Door Side Latch

Types of Garage Door Locks

Many types of garage door locks exist to secure your overhead door. Slide locks, key locks, electronic locks and opener locks can be used to lock your garage door. Each type of lock has a unique purpose in protecting your home from break in theft. If your garage is attached to your home, it is even more important that you properly secure your home. People use garages to store valuable items like vehicles, tools and yard equipment. Securing your garage door with a lock should be a high priority.

Slide Locks

The most common type of lock used to secure overhead doors is the slide lock or latch. This lock uses a latch that slides from the garage door into a pre-cut hole in the vertical track. This prevents the door from raising up while the lock is engaged. It is not a recommended that a slide lock be used with an automatic garage door opener. Homeowners often forget the slide lock is engaged while running their opener, burning their motor up and bending the top garage door section in the process.

T Handle Keyed Lock

The second most common garage door lock is the T handle keyed lock. This type of lock has a handle in the shape of a the letter “T” that is installed on the outside of the garage door. On the inside of the door is a cable system that attaches to two bolts. These bolts are secured into the track and are only released when the “T” handle lock is turned. In order to turn the handle the correct key must be used. Again use caution installing this lock together with an automatic opener. Running the opener with the lock engaged will cause damage to your operator.

Electronic Locks

Some garage door openers like the side mount jackshaft 3800 by Liftmaster use an electronic lock. These motors engage and disengage the lock automatically before operation. The device is similar to a slide lock, except it is automatically controlled before operation.

J Arm Lock

Most people don’t know that every automatic garage door opener has a built in lock feature. The operator arm on the trolley locks into place when the garage door is in the closed position. This prevents the garage door from simply being lifted up by hand. Chamberlain Liftmaster named this feature PosiLock, although nearly every garage door opener has this feature.


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