Bottom Seal

Bottom seal is installed on the bottom section of your garage door in the channels of an aluminum retainer. It comes in a variety of lengths, widths and types.
Garage Door Bottom Seal


Types of Seal

  • T-type – T shaped ends in 5/16′ & 1/4″size install into double channel
  • J-type – Letter J installs into a single channel
  • Beaded – Round circular 3/16″ bead ends install into a double channel

Available Width Sizes

  • 3″  – Wayne Dalton Skinny T
  • 3 3/4″ – Standard width
  • 4 3/4″ – Wider width for colder climates and un-level floors
  • 6″ – For extreme un-level concrete and dips in floor

Bottom weather seal is made out of vinyl for economical applications, but is also available in rubber for extreme cold temperatures. Colors options are limited to black and grey for residential and yellow for fire-station doors.