Hardware Kits

Garage Door Hardware Kit Parts
Garage Door Hardware Kit Parts

Garage door hardware kits are an assembly of all the critical components on your overhead door. Rather than buying each component individually we’ve assembled a kit containing all of the items you need in three different strength ratings – Light Duty 18-gauge, Medium Duty 14-gauge, Heavy Duty 11-gauge.

  • 18-gauge – Residential light duty hardware
  • 14-gauge – Residential/Commercial medium duty hardware
  • 11-gauge – Commercial grade heavy duty hardware

Tune Up Kits

Tune up kits provide the basic items that need to be replaced without too much know how. These kits include rollers, hinges, top brackets etc.

Complete Install Kits

If you are installing a new door or replacing all of the hardware on your existing door you will need a complete hardware kit.

In addition to hinges, rollers and top brackets complete kits contain drums, cables, center plates, end bearing plates, bottom fixtures, bearings etc.

Complete hardware kits do not include springs, shafts, track or fasteners.