Opener Reinforcement Bracket InstallationReinforcement Bracket Adjustable Narrow

Put your garage door in the closed position and unplug your opener from the wall outlet. This will prevent unwanted door openings during the installation process. Measure the height of the top section on your garage door. Door panels are usually between 18″-24″ in height. You will need this information to purchase your opener bracket and during installation. If you have an existing bracket installed, disconnect the J arm and remove the bracket.

Bottom Seal Installation

Over time garage door bottom seal weather strip can dry rot , flatten and compress down to the floor. Old weatherstripping tends to allow water and other debris into your garage. Old seals also decrease energy efficiency by letting cold air flow freely under the door. Garage door astragal replacement is an easy project for most home owners and can be completed in less than 15 minutes.

Measuring Torsion Springs

Most people don’t know how to measure garage door torsion springs properly. If you ever need to replace a broken garage door springs you will need specific information to correctly purchase a replacement. Unless you know the specific model, size and brand of garage door you will need to measure the broken torsion spring yourself.

Weighing Garage DoorsAnalog Scale

The weight of your garage door is a major factor in determining what type of torsion springs or extension springs you need. Door weight, along with other information like door height, track radius and drum size  a used to calculate a spring that will balance out your door. In order to properly weigh the door, you will need an analog bathroom scale.