Opener Reinforcement Bracket Installation

Opener reinforcement brackets are installed on the center stile of the top section of your garage door, connecting to your openers “J” arm. This special brace distributes the force of the the opener across the entire width of the section instead of a tiny clip that is provided in the original hardware box.  Ideally, rebrackets should be used with two horizontal struts installed at the top and bottom of the top section.


  • Put your garage door in the closed position and unplug your opener from the wall outlet.
  • You can also push the lock button on your wall control if that is available.
  • This ensures that nobody accidentally operates the door during the installation process.

  • Measure the height of the top section on your garage door.
  • Door panels are usually between 18″-24″ in height.
  • You will need this information to purchase or adjust your new bracket before installation.
  • If you have an existing clip style bracket installed, disconnect the J arm and remove the bracket.

  • Remove the TEK screws from the top half of your center #1 hinge on the top section of your door.
  • If you have a reinforcement strut or punch angle installed on top section you will need to remove screws in the center of the brace as well.
  • Assemble your reinforcement bracket to match the height of your top section.
  • If you have a fixed height bracket this is not necessary.

  • Slide the top end of the reinforcement bracket under the top strut or punch angle.
  • Line up the bottom of the bracket with the center hinge as well.
  • After ensuring the bracket is vertically aligned over the center style anchor your opener bracket OVER the top of the center hinge.
  • Fasten the bracket and center hinge to the door using the self tapping screws removed earlier.

  • Secure the top portion of the opener bracket UNDER the reinforcement strut or punch angle using the screws removed earlier.


  • Attach the opener J arm to the bracket using the cotter and clevis pins provided with your reinforcement bracket kit.
  • You may need to adjust the location of the bracket attachment, length of the J arm or reset the travel on your opener.


Notes: Adjustable reinforcement brackets are usually the best option since they eliminate the possibility of purchasing the wrong size bracket. Full hinge brackets are also desirable since they come with a built in center #1 hinge. This eliminates the need to install the bracket over the top of the center hinge. Full hinge brackets give a cleaner and more secure look.

Lastly, white powder coated brackets are available if you have a white interior skin door and would like the bracket to blend in. Larger self drilling screws may be required to drill the bracket through the center hinge in some cases.