When replacing springs it is important to have garage door torsion spring conversion software. Service Spring Corp makes an app called solutions. This program helps garage door technicians convert springs and engineer doors for the best overhead door performance. Stocking every type of spring is impossible for some repairmen, so having a program that can convert between spring is an invaluable tool.

Spring Conversion

When on a service call flexibility is important. It is impossible to stock every wire size, length and diameter of torsion spring.  For example, lets say your customer has a .225 x 30 x 2.25 spring on site. You may not have that diameter of spring available, but the program allows you to convert you to convert to a diameter you have in your service truck. Being able to convert from the existing spring dimension into one you have in stock on your truck saves time and fuel costs. Another feature of the program is the ability to convert to high cycle springs. Standard garage door torsion springs are rated at 10,000 cycles, but some people may want high cycle torsion springs. Simply change increase the wire size until you get the cycle count needed.

Spring Engineering

Being able to engineer torsion springs from scratch is a huge advantage. Simply input the necessary information into the program – door width, door height, door weight, type of drums and type of track. It instantly calibrates the correct springs to balance your overhead door. You can change the wire size, length, diameter and cycle count to best suit your needs. The computer software and mobile app are cost effective tools that will save you or your business money.

App Cost

Service Spring Solution software will save you and your company time and money. The program is mandatory for any serious garage door repairman or company. Having the program will result in less time per spring replacement, increased customer satisfaction and lower fuel expenses.

  • $79.00 Computer Software CD
  • $19.99  Mobile App (iPhone & Droid)

The best option is to use the computer software for office use and the mobile app for service repairmen that are out in the field. Complicated conversions may require the computer version, while common engineering can be done via the iphone or droid app.

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5 thoughts on “Garage Door Torsion Spring Conversion

  1. Ronald Rafe says:

    As a homeowner, I do not need the app as I only need 1 conversion. I am replacing .207 x 1.75″ x 28″ springs for an 9’x8′ door that weighs 164 lbs. With the shortages of springs out in the world today, I need some alternatives as this size seems not as common as others.

    • Garage Door Guide says:

      Think I spoke with you on the phone. The next size wire would be .218 x 2 x 32.50 for 20,000 cycles vs the standard 10,000
      There is a national shortage of springs due to the port congesting, steel shortages and lack of trucking/shipping. Expect long lead times. You should be able to comfortably use +/- 1.5 inches on the length.

      • psonline says:

        .273 is the next closest…it usually adds 3-4 inches to the .262

        What are your current exact spring measurements? Length? Inside Diameter? Wire Gauge 262?

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