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When replacing broken overhead door parts you have a few options. You can visit your local professional door dealer or buy garage door parts online and do it yourself. If you have basic handyman skills repairing your garage door yourself can save you a lot of money. Standard residential service calls are $75.00 in large cities, with commercial rates over $100.00 per hour. Parts that you can easily purchase online are marked up 50% and sold to you by the repair technician. Why pay retail prices when you can shop online at wholesale prices untaxed.

Buying garage door parts online has many advantages and a few disadvantages as well. Since online garage door parts stores order in bulk and often drop ship from suppliers they have low overhead costs. Online stores are also free from having to pay sales tax by law. This often amounts to 7% or more in immediate savings.  Hard to find parts are often available through the volume of online parts store. Common parts are heavily discounted because of the competition for sales.

  • Wholesale Prices
  • No Sales Tax
  • Huge Selection
  • Always in Stock
  • Easy Search


Although online overhead door parts stores offer some incredible deals – that comes with a few drawbacks as well. Online stores are open all the time, but you always have to wait to receive your products. One day of processing and two days of actual shipping time are standard. If you have a door that is non-operational, waiting 3-4 business days for a discounted part doesn’t help you much. You also have to know exactly what you are looking for as most online parts stores don’t offer live help. Although most parts stores offer a fair return policy, you still must ship wrongfully ordered parts back with your own money – waiting even longer.

  • Slow Shipping
  • Shipping Costs
  • Returns
  • Customer Service







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