Jackshaft Side Mount Garage Door Openers

Jackshaft side mount garage door openers are relatively new in the garage door market. They provide the quiet operation of a belt drive unit with discreet , high performance operation. Finding the best type of garage door opener can be a difficult task. With many models to choose from homeowners struggle in finding the best machine for their garage door system. Chain drive openers are economical, but have noisy operation. Belt drive machines are quiet, but expensive. Screw drives are reliable , but noisy and slow during operation.

Side Mount Garage Door Openers8500 Sidemount Jackshaft Opener

This brings us to the last type of garage door opener – the side mount jackshaft opener. Liftmaster makes an operator called the 8500 (Formerly LiftMaster 3800) which mounts on the side of the door, unlike all other types that use a trolley rail system over the top of a garage door. Jackshaft motors turn the torsion tube or shaft and spring line directly in order to operate overhead doors. These motors provide a unique way to operate the door without compromising performance. They also reduce the clutter of the motor and rail hanging above the garage door. These jackshaft operators can be mounted to either side of the garage door spring line.

Special Application

These side mount machines , although expensive offer the best performance of any garage door opener. They offer reliable, quiet and fast operation – best of all they are space savers. These discreet machines are best used with special track called high lift. Garages with a high amount of overhead clearance, known as headroom utilize highlift track to fit your garage door tight to the ceiling. Jackshaft side mount operators help free up the headroom space. Since they don’t need a rail or trolley for operation, the overhead space is maximized.

Regardless of your garage door application the 3800 jackshaft side mount operator made by Liftmaster is the best overall machine in the industry. Its versatility and uncompromised performance make it the cream of the crop. Liftmaster plans on unveiling myQ technology allowing you to operator the 3800 operator with an application on your I-phone.  This technology should be released in early 2013.


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