If you have recently had a garage door spring break you may be wondering,  how long do torsion springs last?  With service calls for overhead door spring repairs in the hundreds of dollars, this is an important question to ask. Torsion spring life cycle depends on its rating when you purchase it. Most homeowners don’t realize that they can get high cycle springs with a new garage door purchase – or get high cycle springs after one breaks.

Life Cycle

Torsion spring life cycle depends on the rating from the factory. Standard garage door torsion springs are installed with a life of 10,000 cycles. The average garage door gets open and close about 4 times per day. Based on that assumption torsion springs last about 7-years.

High Cycle Springs

Getting more life out of your spring is definitely something worth pursuing. Looking at the chart below you can easily see how high cycle springs are economical and cost effective. Paying an extra $25.00 or $50.00 more up front double the life of your springs and reduces the per year cost by 50-percent!

Double Car Door 10k Cycle Spring Rating

$100.00 / 7 years = $14.28 per year (.01 per cycle)

Double Car Door 25k Cycle Spring Rating

$125.00/ 14 years = $8.90 per year (.005 per cycle)

Double Car Door 50k Cycle Spring Rating

$150.00 / 20 years = $7.5 per year (.003 per cycle)


Extend the Life

While life cycle ratings from the manufacturer are the single biggest factor for torsion spring life, there are a few things you can do to make the spring last longer. Have your garage door serviced once per year to keep the door running smoothly. Make sure all metal moving parts are well lubricated, including the torsion springs. Be sure to read upon How to Check Garage Door Balance, to make sure you springs have the proper amount of tension. If you ever decide to insulate a garage door yourself this adds weight to the door and will lesson spring life cycles.

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