Garage Door Reinforcement

Are you sick of your garage door panels cracking, splitting and bending? Proper garage door reinforcement can protect your door from damage. Wind, snow and long-term use put a lot of stress on overhead garage door systems. When selecting a new garage door a few important factors should be considered.

Type of Door

Non-insulated garage doors lack a steel back to them. These doors are prone to wind damage and top panels getting bent in the middle. These doors are designed to cover an opening as cheaply as possible. If you are looking for a door to withstand the test of time always purchase double side steel sandwich style doors. The extra layer of steel increases durability and lifespan.

Gauge of Steel

The thickness of the steel in a garage door is known as the gauge. Heavier gauge steel increases durability and performance. Doors with thin steel are more susceptible to splitting and cracking. Most garage doors range from 24 to 27 in gauge with lower numbers representing higher thickness.

Struts & Bracing

Garage doors installed near coastal areas may have wind ratings. They may be designed to withstand a specific wind speed to protect against tropical storms. Doors sold inland may not have such ratings. To protect against wind on doors that are not wind rated additional bracing may be needed. Struts and punch angle iron may be used to brace garage doors. Installing one strut per section should be sufficient against common wind speeds. Always be sure to adjust or replace your torsion springs if you add struts and bracing to your garage door to account for the increased weight.

Operator Reinforcement Bracket

One of the most overlooked ways to reinforce a garage door is with an operator reinforcement bracket. These brackets are designed to mount to the top section on your garage door to connect your operator J arm to the door. Garage Door Reinforcement Bracket Reinforcement brackets spread out the force of an opener pulling and pushing on the top section of an overhead door panel. The small operator bracket provided with most automatic openers is nowhere near sufficient. Always use a wide bodied adjustable operator reinforcement bracket to protect your center style from ripping off the door.