Top 5 Reasons to Replace Your Old Garage Door

Replacing your worn out garage door system with a new system will save you time and money. Many factors can help you determine if a new overhead door system is the right choice for you. Here are the top 5 reasons to replace your old garage door.

Adding Value To Your Home

Over 30% of the visual area of your home is made up of your garage door. Replacing an old garage door will give you much needed curb appeal. Garage door replacement is one of the few areas of your home with a reasonable return on investment. Most real estate agents agree that overhead door replacement makes your house easier to sell.

Decrease Energy Bills

Nothing is worse than high utility bills each month. Do you have an attached garage that feels warm in the winter and cool in the summer? Do you have living space above your garage? A urethane insulated garage door with an R Value of 16 will help you save money each month on energy bills. Over the long term, upgrading the quality of insulation on your garage doors will pay for itself in energy bill savings.

Reduce Maintenance

Shelling out hundreds of dollars in service calls for broken parts on an older overhead door system can be a big mistake. New garage door systems are very affordable and are a cost effective way to save money long term. Why spend hundreds of dollars repairing an old garage door system?


Nothing is worse than being late for an important event because your garage door wouldn’t operate properly. Broken springs, cables and rollers can cause the door to get stuck – trapping your vehicle in the garage. New garage door systems are dependable and virtually eliminate unexpected expenses and repairs.

Performance & Security

Old, broken down garage doors in poor condition are prone to break ins. Wood doors are susceptible to rot and can be easily kicked in or drilled through. Beaten down doors have poor performance. Bent sections, weakened by the elements tend to get stuck in the track and have rough operation. These types of doors are also noisy and a safety hazard.




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