Painting Garage Doors

Painting Garage Doors

Always follow the manufacturers instructions when painting garage doors in the field. Failing to do so will void your warranty and cost you time and money. A new coat of paint can freshen up the look of your overhead door and give your home much needed curb appeal. Steel and wood overhead doors can be painted using the correct materials and process.

New Garage Doors

When painting new doors always see if factory powder coating is available. If the cost is too high you can paint the doors yourself. Order the color of door that best matches the paint you will be using. Using a low grit sand sponge , gently wipe the clear coating on the door panels. Do not sand with force or you will strip the existing paint off. Clean all doors removing all dust, dirt and debris. Apply at least two light coats of premium exterior grade 100% acrylic water based paint.

Note: Repainting using dark colors like black and brown with a 50% light reflective value (LRV) voids most warranties, except when using VinylSafe paint products.

Old Garage Doors

Old garage doors show signs of sun damage frequently. Repainting old garage doors is a great do it yourself project if its done properly. Use Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) to remove dirt and grime that builds up on the face of the door. This can be purchased at most local hardware stores. Dilute TSP according to the instructions and wash the surfaces you intend to paint.  Using an exterior grade 100% acrylic water based paint, coat all surfaces lightly.