Insulating Garage Doors

Properly insulating garage doors saves homeowners hundreds of dollars each year. Heating costs in the winter and cooling costs in the summer can really add up. Insulating your garage door is not only easy to do yourself, but can pay for itself in saved energy costs over the long term. A few simple steps will allow you to cut your energy bills and start saving money.

Insulation Kit

Many homeowners make the mistake of buying a non-insulated garage door for an attached garage. While you made save money in upfront costs with a non-insulated garage door you will lose money in energy costs. All is not lost though, as you can buy an insulation kit for most non insulated garage doors. Garage door dealers and box stores offer garage door insulation kits for $50-$150 that can be easily installed by homeowners. These kits are made up of a series of insulated panels that fit in to the back cavity of your garage door. They provide an R-Value of 6.0-9.0 depending on the brand and desired level of insulation. These kits will pay for themselves over the long term and make your garage a much more comfortable environment. When installing an insulation kit it may be best to add more tension to the torsion springs on your garage door to account for the increased weight. Failing to do so will result in decreased life of your garage door opener.


The perimeter seal weatherstripping on a garage door can wear out over time. It is important to change out your vinyl door stop molding as needed. The side seal that goes around the perimeter of the door keeps the elements out of your garage. Weatherstrip covers the space between your garage door and the wooden frame. When properly installed and maintained it will keep wind, rain, insects and animals from entering the garage. It will also help insulate your garage door and lower your energy costs. Most types of vinyl door stop cost around $1.00 per foot.

Bottom Seal

Much like weatherstripping, bottom seal protects the gap between your concrete floor and the garage door. The rubber seal at the bottom of your garage door is important for keeping water, leaves and other debris from entering the garage. If you are able to see light from under the garage you will need to adjust your garage door opener or replace your bottom seal. Bottom seal comes in a variety of styles so it is important to identify the type of garage door bottom seal needed. Bottom seal comes in different widths as well which can help cover low spots on your floor. Most types of garage door bottom seal cost around $1.50 per foot.

Insulating Garage Doors

As you can see, insulating garage doors is relatively inexpensive and easy to do. A full garage door insulation project costs under $150 for a double car door and even less for a single car door. If you are able to save just $25.00 yearly for 6 years the kit will have paid for itself . In any case, properly insulating your garage door will result in a much better environment for your family.


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