How to Quiet Noisy Garage Doors

How to Quiet Noisy Garage Doors

Several methods exist on how to quiet noisy garage doors. Loud garage doors are not only annoying, but are a sign of bad performance. Ignoring a noisy garage door can lead to serious problems developing in the future. Consider hiring a professional garage door repair service or fix the problems yourself. The following steps will guide you through the process of quieting a loud garage door and fixing the underlying problem.

Replace the Rollers

Worn out rollers that are bent or cracked are the most common reason for a noisy garage door.  When rollers are bent they tend to scrape against the side of the track – especially around the radius, causing rough operation and popping noises. Consider replacing your current rollers with ball bearing rollers for smooth operation.

Lubricate All Metal Moving Parts

Lubricating your door at least twice per year will extend the life of your garage door and provide quiet operation. Use non-silicone based lubricants if possible. Garage door lubricant will prevent corrosion and rusting.  It will also keep all of the moving metal parts from binding up. WD-40 will work fine, although branded garage door lubricant will last longer.

Tighten All Nuts & Bolts

Over time nuts and bolts can loosen causing vibration and rattling. Tighten all fasteners on the garage door , replacing any hardware that appears loose. Use self-tapping screws on all hinges, struts and brackets. Use lags when securing the spring pad and vertical tracks.

Belt Drive & Jackshaft Operator Replacement

If all else fails with a chain drive operator being noisy, it may be time to replace your garage door opener. Update your opener system with a new nylon belt drive opener or side-mount jackshaft machine. Both of these alternatives are more expensive than standard chain drive machines, but will greatly reduce noise.

Adjust Track Alignment

Over time houses can shift due to foundational movement and warped wood framing. Vertical tracking can easily get out of alignment. Use a level to ensure the vertical track on your door system is properly aligned. Make sure the vertical guides have not been bent or damaged as the rollers will catch, causing rough operation.

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