It is important that you know how to clear garage door remotes to reprogram your garage door opener. Just remember that erasing your remote link will erase everything programmed to that operator. At present time you cannot erase only one remote. This will include the HomeLink or Car2U  device in your vehicle. Every device associated with that operator including remotes, keypads and car system will need to be reprogrammed.

How to Clear Garage Door Remotes

To erase or clear your garage door opener of all devices you will need to located the learn button on the back of your garage door motor. It is usually a colored button about the size of a thumbnail on the back of your garage door operator. Press your “smart” or “program” button, holding it for at least 20 seconds. Attempt to use all of your devices to confirm that everything has been cleared. Most new models of garage door operators use a learn or program button system. If you have an older machine that uses a dip-switch system you will need to change the switches to different positions to change your code.

Here are some situations where you should erase all devices associated with an operator and reprogram:

  • Buying a House
  • Divorce
  • Lost Remotes
  • Stolen Vehicle
  • Garage Break-ins

After clearing your operator of all linked devices you will have to reprogram everything. Press the learn button (without holding) and press a button on your remote control. If a link as been made your garage door opener you should hear a clicking noises or see lights flashing. For all other devices you will need to review your owners manual for detailed programming instructions.