It is important that you know how to buy garage door torsion springs if one breaks. The most common garage door repairs are broken torsion springs. Most springs last 10,000 cycles. With typical use this means they have a lifespan of 7-10 years. Chances are good that you will need to hire a repair man or fix the spring yourself. You can purchase springs online or at your nearest garage door dealer. Here are some important details you will need in order to buy the correct springs.

Whenever possible bring both pieces of your broken spring to the place you plan on buying from. Experienced salesman can take the necessary measurements to match the spring for you. If you can’t bring your broken spring to a door dealer you will need to take the necessary measurements yourself. You will need the following information when buying a new garage door spring.

  • Overall Length – Measure the length of the coils (not the cones)
  • Inside Diameter – Measure the hollow diameter of the spring (1.75″, 2″ , 2.25″ common sizes)
  • 20-Coil Count – Count 20 coils on the spring and record the length
  • Right or Left Wound – Holding the spring vertically with the end of the coil facing you, which way does it point?

Springs vary in price by the size and length of the coil. Most residential torsion springs can be purchased for under $100 per pair. Service calls for spring repair ranges from $200-400 depending on location and time of day. Replacing garage door torsion springs can be dangerous. Consider hiring an experienced professional as torsion springs can cause serious injury.

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