How often should garage doors be serviced? For most people the answer is, only when something breaks.  This way of thinking could be costing you time and money in the long run. Simple routine maintenance twice per year can extend the life of your door system. You probably don’t need to hire a professional overhead door repairman. These simple checkpoints will help you keep your garage door in good shape year round.

When to Service?

Service your garage door system at least once per year. This is most important in the fall season to prepare for cold winter temperatures and snow. Check the door again in early spring when temperatures and moisture levels change.

Check Rollers & Hinges

Check that all rollers and hinges are in good condition – making sure all nuts and bolts are secure. These parts are prone to cracking and splitting. Homeowners can easily repair these parts without having to call a repairman for a service call. Rollers and hinges can be found online or at your nearest box store.

Balance the Door

Check your door balance and spring tension by balancing the garage door halfway up in the opening. If it moves up or down you know the torsion springs need adjustment. Springs tend to break in the winter during cold temperatures. If your springs are over ten years old it may be a good idea to have them replaced. At the very least , adjust your torsion springs so the garage door opener doesn’t overwork and burn out.


Lubricate all metallic moving parts with non silicone based garage door lubricant. WD-40 will work, but avoid thick lubricants that can gum up easily. Rollers, hinges and springs need light lubrication several times per year, but especially during winter.

Bottom Seal & Weatherseal

Replace all perimeter seal if necessary. Vinyl door stop weatherseal and bottom astragal should be checked for wear. Make sure you don’t have gaps where snow and air drafts can enter the garage. With the lights out and garage door closed look for light shining through around the edges of the door. Bottom seal is especially prone to wear from animals and shrinking from moisture.

Grease Rails & Gears

Open up the motor and apply grease to all of the nylon parts – especially the drive gear. Stripped gears are extremely common during winter. Special grease packets can be purchased cheaply at most professional door dealers.