Garage Door Springs Color Code Chart

Color Coded Extension Springs

Garage door springs are color coded to aid in proper identification for repair, ordering and warehousing purposes. Garage door springs have been given color codes based on DASMA (Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association) guidelines and specifications.

Torsion springs are color coded based on wire gauge sizes. Extension springs are color coded based on the weight they are designed to counterbalance. For extension springs one pair (2 springs total) are identified by a given color code and weight rating.

Color codes are designed as a supplemental identification aid and should never be solely relied upon. Always substantiate color codes with physical spring measurements and door weights provided by your overhead door manufacturer manufacturer.

Torsion Spring Color Code Chart


.177GOLD3 1/2″
.1875BLUE3 3/4″
.192ORANGE3 7/8″
,207YELLOW4 1/8″
.2187WHITE4 3/8″
.2253RED4 1/2″
.2343BROWN4 5/8″
.2437GREEN4 7/8″
.2625BLUE5 1/4″
.273ORANGE5 1/2″
.283LT BLUE5 5/8″
.289YELLOW5 3/4″
.295WHITE5 7/8″
.3065BROWN6 1/8″
.3125TAN6 1/4″
.3195GREEN6 3/8″
.331GOLD6 5/8″
.343BLUE6 7/8″
.3625ORANGE7 1/4″
.375LT BLUE7 1/2″
.3938YELLOW7 7/8″
.4062WHITE8 1/8″
.4218RED8 7/16″
.4305BROWN8 5/8″
.4375TAN8 3/4″
.4531GREEN9 1/16″
.4615GOLD9 1/4″
.4687BLUE9 3/8″
.490LT BLUE9 3/4″
.5312WHITE10 5/8″
.5625RED11 1/4″
.625BROWN12 1/2″


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Extension Spring Color Code Chart


10 LBWHITE25-42-10
20 LBGREEN25-42-20
30 LBYELLOW25-42-30
40 LBBLUE25-42-40
50 LBRED25-42-50
60 LBBROWN25-42-60
70 LBORANGE25-42-70
80 LBGOLD25-42-80
90 LBLT BLUE25-42-90
100 LBTAN25-42-100
110 LBWHITE25-42-110
120 LBGREEN25-42-120
130 LBYellow25-42-130
140 LBBLUE25-42-140
150 LBRED25-42-150
160 LBBROWN25-42-160
170 LBORANGE25-42-170
180 LBGOLD25-42-180
190 LBLT BLUE25-42-190
200 LBTAN25-42-200
210 LBWHITE25-42-210
220 LBGREEN25-42-220
230 LBYELLOW25-42-230
240 LBBLUE25-42-240
250 LBRED25-42-250
260 LBBROWN25-42-260
270 LBORANGE25-42-270
280 LBGOLD25-42-280
290 LBLT BLUE25-42-290
300 LBTAN25-42-300


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4 thoughts on “Garage Door Springs Color Code Chart

  1. Christos Mallios says:

    I have a two car garage door which need extension springs with both ends without any connections (will have to install the slide on ones). The specifications are as follows.

    *Wire Size: 0.27 inch
    *Inside Diameter: 2 inches
    *10 Coil Measurement: 2.7 inches
    *20 Coil Measurement: 5.26 inches
    *Length: 27 Inches (a coil count of 100)
    I have no way of measuring the weight of the double door but to my non-expert mind those measurements result on a spring with a DASMA color code ORANGE.

    • Garage Door Guide says:

      A 10-coil count of 2.70″ lines up with a wire size of .273 (orange)
      Most double car 16×7 doors are between 150-225 lbs
      170 lb orange extension springs would be my best guess.

      What is the height and width of your door? Common extension spring length of (25″ relaxed 7ft doors) and (30″ relaxed 8ft doors) are most common.
      27″ springs would usually go for 7ft to 7’6″ tall doors, but 25″ could be used with cable/pulley/eye bolt adjustments.

  2. Brad Fransen says:

    My torsion spring broke. My garage door has just one spring, and it is on the right side. The spring is blue, the spring body on the end of the spring is black, and the tightening screw in the spring body is red. The spring is 2″ ID, wire size is a little over .25″, and the overall length is 34″. My garage door is 16′ x 8′ and is not insulated. Is this the correct spring for this door?

    • Garage Door Guide says:

      How long did the original spring last in years? If you got at least 7 years out of it its probably the correct spring. That is assuming the door was counterbalanced correctly to begin with. If you raise the door half way up in the opening it should stay there with 8 1/4 full turns.

      If its located on the right side of the center anchor plate with a black painted cone its a LEFT wound spring.

      The blue paint identification matches up to .262 wire size, but you will need to confirm this with a 10-coil count. Measure 10 coils and record the distance in inches. IE. 10 coils = 2 5/8″ (.262)

      We don’t carry torsion springs at the moment, but we have partners on Amazon that do.

      Here is a link to the spring(s) you need. Just be sure to select he 34″ length:
      LW .262 x 2″ x 34″ Torsion Spring

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