If you are looking for a low-cost and high value home remodeling project consider replacing your outdated garage door. A replacement garage door return on investment (ROI) is very high, yet affordable. Garage doors can take up over 25% of the visual face of your home so changing the look of your overhead door can give your home a dramatic makeover. This will provide much needed curb appeal and resale value.

Low Cost With High Resale Value

According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2013 Cost vs Value Report, garage door replacement continues to rank as one of the highest resale value home improvement projects. It ranks 3rd based on average resale value of 75.70% for mid priced doors and 2nd with 75.20%  resale on upscale doors. Garage door replacement also ranked 2nd in total project cost , just behind entry doors in both categories.  The worse shape your current door is in the higher the percentage of resale value you can expect.

A new garage door can give you much needed curb appeal and help your home stand out in the neighborhood. Best of all, the process of taking down your old door and installing a new one only takes a few hours. Anyone with basic handyman skills and the necessary tools can install a garage door using our guide. Use our directory to find your local door pro and read , How to Compare Garage Doors so you are able to maximize value.

Maximize Your Resale Value

The higher the percentage of visual space your garage door takes up the more important replacement becomes. Detached garages and garages where the overhead door doesn’t face the road are poor candidates for replacement. When purchasing new garage doors it is important to select a door that matches the character, color and price of the home. The garage door design should match other parts of your home like the siding, fascia and soffit. In the event that color choice becomes difficult it is usually best to stay with neutral colors like white and sandstone. The price should also make sense for the neighborhood and existing house value. Installing an upscale door on an entry level home will result in poor resale value.