Chances are that if you are reading this post you have at least one damaged garage door panel. Garage door replacement panels may be needed if part of the door is dented, bent or faded. In order to find replacement garage door sections you will need to record a few characteristics of your overhead door. Never rely on the garage door company you purchased the door from to provide records of purchases.  Here a series of things you will need to write down before trying to purchase replacement garage door panels.

Measure Panel Sizes

Garage door replacement sections aren’t created the same. The width of overhead door panels is an obvious measurement to take notice of. Measure the width of your door panels from end style to end style. Never measure the garage door opening when the end goal is panel replacement – unless your garage door sections didn’t properly fit the opening to begin with. Most replacement panel widths are whole numbers, but some door may not be standard sizes. Be precise with your measurements to the nearest inch.  Next, measure the height of your garage door section. Panels come in heights of 18″ , 21″ and 24″ measurements. Again, never eyeball or estimate the size of your replacement garage door panels – that could be  a costly mistake. Lastly, you will need to measure the thickness of your garage door panel. The most common door thicknesses are 2″ and 1 3/8″,  but vary by model and manufacturer.

Brands Of Panels

Many different garage door manufacturers exist in the overhead door industry. While this may be a good thing for the consumer in terms of competition for your business, it makes finding replacement panels tricky. When attempting to find replacement door sections always locate the manufacturers sticker. This tag or sticker is almost always located on either end style where the rollers and track meet up. Most stickers display manufacturer, model, size, color and serial number. In the event you cannot find a sticker, try to find a logo somewhere on your door or try to contact the business where you purchased the door. Here are a few of the major brands of garage doors:

  • Clopay
  • CHI
  • Raynor
  • Wayne Dalton
  • Hormann
  • Amaar
  • Midland
  • Haas
  • Garaga
  • Martin

In case you can’t find garage door manufacturer information on your door and you don’t know where it was purchased at you have a few final options. Use our garage door directory to find your local overhead door professional. There is a good chance that your local door dealer sold your the door or can identify the manufacturer. Contact your local door professional via email and attach a few pictures of the door you have. Make sure you take a picture of showing the end style and joint of the door section.

Special Style Placement Measurements

Your last option in finding garage door replacement panels is ordering a different brand. Although your replacement section may not match the remaining panels it should be functional. In order to accomplish this you will need to take style measurements. Starting on the left side of the door run your tape measure the full width of the section. Measure to the center of each metal style (where the hinges drill into) including the end style. Record all measurements and be precise. Listed below is a summary of the different characteristics of garage door panels.

  • Width – Measure the panel from one end of the door to the other.
  • Height – Measure how tall the panel is. (18″ , 21″ or 24″)
  • Thickness – 1 3/8″ or 2″ thicknesses are most common.
  • Color – White, Sandstone (Clay) , Almond, Brown, Desert Tan, Evergreen, Gray
  • Model – Find a door model if possible. Non insulated, vinyl back insulated or double sided steel? Raised panel, carriage house or overlay?
  • Brand – Locate the manufacturers sticker or tag on the door.
  • Type of Joints – Tongue and groove or shiplap (stairstep shape).
  • Intermediate or Bottom – Bottom panels usually have bottom seal while intermediate sections don’t.

Replacing garage door panels can be costly. Most garage door companies charge at least one hour labor rate plus the cost of the panels being replaced. If you have to replace more  than one door section it may be better to look into replacing the entire door from a financial standpoint. The most common sections that need replacement are the top and bottom sections. Top panels have the most stress on them due to your garage door opener forces. Bottom sections tend to get damaged since they are low to the ground. Vehicles and objects like lawnmowers, snow blowers and rocks tend to cause the most damage  to bottom panels. Never attempt to replace the bottom section on a garage door yourself unless you have door experience. The bottom fixtures on the door are under extreme tension from the torsion springs balancing out the door weight.



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62 thoughts on “Garage Door Replacement Panels

  1. Ricardo Gerena says:

    I am looking for Bottom door panels for my one car garage door ,
    They Messure 21 inches height and 96 inches across Four square panels on the bottom for decorate Serial Number on the door is 01B20RW430773737
    P/N 0162430, 10-2001 I live in the Tampa Florida area,
    I can send you a photo of needed
    Any Suggestions?

    • Garage Door Guide says:

      8ft wide x 21″ tall bottom section

      Is there a brand name/sticker anywhere on the door. Sometimes they put it on the end cap steel stile of the door near the rollers.

      My bet would be clopay/ideal door. What type of joints does your door have. It will either be tongue and groove or shiplap (stair step design)?

  2. Larry says:

    I’m I have Clopay garage door .two of there panels need to be change. S/N 013S006120866 and P/N 0162430,10-2001. Where I can get this two panels and other parts. Can you give me price.please. It is 16’x7’ .panel is 16’x21’’

  3. Steven s. Vancise says:

    Hi I am looking to replace the top panel and glass panel on a 7ft. By 9ft. Clopay door. Model no. 2050. 6.5 r value., 515885-sku: 92134 02578 3. White.

    • Garage Door Guide says:

      You will first need to locate a Clopay pro dealer in your area. You can use the clopay website dealer locator page by entering your city and zip code here:

      Once you find a dealer in your area you will need to provide them the section(s) information to get a quote. Here is the format to ask a quote on:
      (1) 9’x21″ 2050 White Solid Intermediate
      (1) 9’x21″ 2050 White Glass Intermediate (specify DSB, SSB, tinted, insert design etc to match what you have)

      ***You might also need to identify the type of door joint. There are 2 types of door joints…tongue and groove OR shiplap (stair step joint)
      ***Please be aware that if the door is extremely old and you replace 2 sections the fresh white paint might stand out from the remaining 2 faded white sections.

      I would call 2 seperate dealers for quotes to make sure you are getting a decent price. They should be able to email you a quote. Also be sure to include labor unless you are replacing sections yourself.

      Thanks for visiting my website. If you need any additional help you can call our support number or send an email.

    • Brian L Baines says:

      Hi, I need to replace the top panel on a Clopay 8′ long 21″ height white traditional short panel (4 panels). I dont know where to get it.

    • Chris says:

      I would like to change my doors to insulated , can I just buy new panels and just use the old track and rollers , would this be less expensive than buying a whole new door . I can probably to do the switching myself

      • psonline says:

        If you currently have a non-insulated raised panel “pan” style door with space for insulation, you might consider purchasing an insulation kit to install in your existing sections.

        Otherwise if you decide to replace sections only you will save about 20% of the full door price. The only problem is your torsion springs will not be strong enough to counterbalance the added weight. You will either have to add tension to your existing spring or purchase new ones.

  4. Dave says:

    I need a replacement section for an Overhead Door. The panel is 8′ x 21″, Insulated, horizontal wood grain on the outside. The door is 7 years old. The model # looks like it’s either S494 or 495. Is it possible to source a replacement section?

  5. Dylan Forman says:

    I need a replacement panel for a 16ft wide door 24” by 2” Wayne dalton door. I am just wondering the average price for a panel like this? I know it can very slightly but I was quoted 1300 dollars for two panels and I feel like they are just ripping me off!

    • Garage Door Guide says:

      Yes, that price is ridiculous. Thats what happens when you buy Overhead Door and Wayne Dalton. I sold Clopay and CHI for 10 years and never soaked someone like that. It depends on the model but a basic 16×24″ double sided steel solid section (no glass) is usually $300-400 per section. Check your email.

      • Shelley says:

        I need to replace the two bottom panels on one of my Wayne Dalton garage doors and was just quoted $1200. Yikes! Can I replace those panels with a different brand?

        • Garage Door Guide says:

          Unfortunately door panels aren’t interchangeable due to design and the joint structure (where they join together).

          Have you called for multiple quotes? Surely there are 2-3 dealers in your area if you live near a major city. $1200 sounds high for most basic residential models.

  6. Margaret says:

    Can you find garage door panels in 19” height. We have an 18’x8’ and a 9’x8’ door and both have 5 panels at 19” height. Everything we read shows only 18,21 or 24”. We just want to replace top panels with a window panel.

    • Garage Door Guide says:

      18″-24″ are the most common size panels. 19″ panels are made but not very common.

      Door panels aren’t necessarily interchangeable…meaning you need to find the brand name/manufacturer and then the model number. Usually that will be located on the door sticker on the end cap of the door near the track/rollers.

  7. George says:

    Hi, I am looking for a replacement panel 9’ x 21” x 1&3/8”. It is a composite panel with plywood style veneer on the outside.
    Sticker from 1995 : “ House, size 0900 x 2100 BTM
    Second sticker: 32A UN, 900-21-1/1, 015-3001-0-174701 935538-1 JN/2
    I’d appreciate your advice. Thanks,mGeorge

  8. Clay says:

    I want to purchase 4 full 16’x7’ panels. I’m not using them in the conventional sense. They are to be installed in a wall framed to look like a standard garage door opening but will be completely non functioning. They would be secured directly to the framed opening. No springs, rollers. Rails, hinges, locks or other components. Just the panels. It will be a faux wall. I can’t seem to find any “ garage door company” that can supply just the panels without raping me.
    They have a difficult time understanding the concept.

    • Garage Door Guide says:

      I sold Clopay garage doors for 10 years. The “sections only” pricing was always 75-80% of the complete door price….but I worked for really large door dealer so we bought sections for our door supplier and hardware from various other vendors. We were able to “break up” door kits because of that. So a typical $1,000 door was $750 for (4) sections only.

      The key is to find (large) companies that sell sections only because a lot of small companies without buying power will order doors in complete and cannot break up door packages. The easiest way to tell is to look and see if they have a large warehouse.

      If you live in/near a big city you could also try to look on craigslist.

  9. Dave says:

    I am looking for a replacement panel for a Raynor BuildMark STS 9’X8′ residential garage door. The manufacturer says they are no longer available. Do you have a suggestion to acquire a panel of this type?

    • Garage Door Guide says:

      If the door was manufactured before 2000 its almost impossible to find replacement panels. If you live in/near a large city craigslist and your local pro door dealers are the only possibilities….still almost like finding a needle in a haystack.

      Best bet is to patch up the door with reinforcement struts/punch angle and start making plans for a brand new door installation. Wish I had better news.

  10. James Themis says:

    I have a 17 year old 192″ wide wood garage door. I am trying to replace the lower panel. It is 192 ” x 21″ (16′ x 21″). I am having trouble finding this size in wood. Any suggestions?

    • Garage Door Guide says:

      None of the major manufacturers make solid wood doors anymore. They are usually steel base doors with a wood overlay. Id be comfortable telling you they are now discontinued. Wish I had better news.

      • James Themis says:

        Thanks for that quick reply. I am guessing I could find a piece of lumber or MDF and cut to size but the thickness may be an issue. It looked liked 1.25″. I know modern day size is 1 3/8″. On top of this solid piece of lumber, is tongue and groove decorative wood.

        • Garage Door Guide says:

          Unless you are extremely good at woodwork its going to be tough to create a custom wood panel. Like you mentioned…you will need to get the dimensions (length x width), thickness and tongue and groove (joints) to match the other panels.

    • Tom sheridan says:

      I need a bottom panel sect. 391 overhead door 16’x7 x 2” made by over head door co.
      What’s the going price?
      And is it possible to paint if panel is a lot of money?

      • Garage Door Guide says:

        You would have to contact OverHead Door Corp for a quote. They have licensed dealers near most major cities around the country. You will need the model, color, size. Yes you can paint panels, but keep in mind the newly painted panel will stand out from the others due to fading and oxidization. Prices vary but most 16’x21″ bottom sections will run somewhere around $200.

    • Garage Door Guide says:

      Need more information…so far you only have a few details.

      12ft wide x 24″ tall (Brand Name) (Model) (color) (Solid or Glass) (Intermediate or Bottom section)

      Once you have the missing information I can better assist you.

  11. Lila says:

    Hi, we damaged the top panel with windows of our customers garage door and need to replace it. It is a Wayne Dalton door and there are 2 product ID #’s on the sticker 13990, and 9005 but we are having zero luck finding a replacement panel. Any help is much appreciated!

    • psonline says:

      The best option is always to contact a local Wayne Dalton dealer in your area visiting this website

      Unfortunately, if you have a door that is 20 years old they might have discontinued some models. 9005 is an older model that is likely discontinued. The 9000 series is still active…. That means they will likely try to quote you an entire new door. Wish I had better news.

    • psonline says:

      Unfortunately all panels must be purchased locally. They are obviously large so they are hard to ship. Find a dealer in your area and always get multiple quotes:

      You will need this info to get quoted: width x height, Model, Solid or Glass, bottom or intermediate section
      IE: 10×21″ 1500 White Solid Bottom Section… OR…. 10×18″ 1500 White DSB Glass Intermediate Section.

  12. Jay says:

    Is there a generic material one can use to replace a panel for a discontinued model? I have 18 ft insulated panel that got cracked by a car. :(

    • psonline says:

      I’m assuming you are talking about installing a different model/brand panel. Yes you can do that as long as a few requirements are the same. Here is a short checklist:

      1) The metal interior support stiles must line up correctly so that you can install the hinges between the sections. You have to make sure they are the same by measuring the stiles from left to right to the center of each stile across.

      2) The joints of the door have to be compatible. Most are tongue and groove but subtle differences exist. There are weird joints like ship lap etc.

      3) Door thicknesses must be the same. Most doors are 2″ thick but some are 1 5/8″ etc.

      Always try to at least stick with the same brand name door panel. Mixing different manufacturers is usually not good. Also be aware that the new panels although compatible won’t necessarily match (raised panel design) other panels and the paint won’t either. The older panels will have faded paint obv.

  13. Murray says:

    Only thing I can see on my panel is the # B123673 stamped into the end, with DURA-HEM stamped into the track hardware. Any idea what make of door it might be?? Thanks

    • psonline says:

      Dura-hem is the type of track. The B123673 doesn’t show much on google search. If the door is older than 20 years old finding a panel will be tough. Does your door have a handle lock…if so any stamping on it? Also, what brand opener do you have?

  14. Aj says:

    Hi Dave,
    I am looking for two bottom panels for my double garage door. Each panel is 16′ x 24″, double sided steel insulated, raised on the outside, flat on inside, 1 and 3/4 ” thick and of Almond color. It of tongue and groove at three mating lines for the panel. The door was installed in 2003 and one Garage door guy who showed up says that it was made by Taylor Garage Door of West Branch, Michigan. There is a warranty paper posted on the inside of the door, which mentioned that it’s a Craftmaster Door. What is the best way to find these two panels. Thanks, Aj

    • psonline says:

      Anything older than 20 years is going to be near impossible to find. Your door age is right on that borderline. I would suggest calling up Taylor Door and see what they have to say.

      I have never heard of a “craftmaster door” brand. However, there are garage door openers that are craftsman and liftmaster. Could be a local brand found in MI but its probably not widespread.

      I googled some of the information you gave me:

      Craftsman Garage Doors Contact:
      Tracey Teichman
      34401 Groesbeck
      Clinton Twp, MI 48035

    • psonline says:

      You will need to find the manufacturer sticker on the end cap of the door near the track/rollers. It has the manufacturer/brand information as well as model and possibly serial number.

      All panels have to be purchased locally as its uneconomical to ship a few panels in a semi truck LTL. Once you find the brand information you can locate dealers in your area.

  15. Donald Brady says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a Wayne Dalton panel 21″ by 108″. The part number on the door says Product ID 13990, under that it says Product ID 9005. Can someone help?

    • psonline says:

      Sorry we do not sell WD or panels. Please go to and use the dealer locator to find an authorized distributor in your area.

  16. robert goulburn says:

    i have two Amarr 9×7 insulated garage doors without windows. I would like to have the non window panel swapped out with a window panel. I was quoted 450 dollars for a replacement panel by an Amarr distributor nearby. So the total is 900 dollars plus installation costs. This is outside of my budget. Does this seem a reasonable price? Is there anywhere I can find more affordable solution to get a window panel ?

    • psonline says:

      Unfortunately you have to use Amarr brand for compatibility reasons. You can’t really substitute other brands.
      The cost seems a little high depending on the model , but in the current economic environment we are in there are shortages of both labor and materials. Door companies have really increased pricing to account for this. Is your current door insulated/non insulated or steel front and back? How old is it and what is the model?

      Have you called around to multiple amarr dealers? Go on their website and look around. If you are in/near a big city there should be more than one authorized dealer. Get competing quotes when possible!

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