Garage Door Repair Service

Hiring a garage door repair service to fix a broken garage door is common. Although you may be in a rush to get your broken garage door fixed it is crucial that you follow a few basic rules. These steps will ensure that you get quality garage door repairs at a fair price. It will keep you from getting ripped off and from having problems in the future.

License Experience Insured

    1. Make sure the repairman you are quoted by is both licensed and experienced. Avoid hiring “walk-ons” unless they are experienced with torsion springs and garage door repair. Side job repairman have the tendency of not standing behind their work in the event of a call back. Improper repair technique can cause even more damage to your garage door system in the long term!

 Get Multiple Quotes

    1. Get several quotes before you have someone fix your broken spring. This allows you to compare prices and keeps the service technician from charging you more than they normally would have! When companies compete for your business you usually end up getting lower prices.

 Billing Method

    1. Ask if the labor rate is fixed or prorated so you don’t get upset when the serviceman takes a break on the job. Most companies have a fixed first hour rate or minimum charge and have prorated service after. Some companies quote per job only.

 Negotiate Rates

    1. When calling for garage door service mention that you are calling around for competing quotes from local companies and repairmen to ensure you get a fair price. Repair technicians and garage door companies always have lower pricing when you mention you are getting several estimates. Always call more than one repair service so they compete for your business.

 Ask About Warranties

    1. Ask about a warranty on the parts replaced. Most repairmen and garage door businesses should offer a 90-day parts and labor warranty. If the person or company you call doesn’t offer a minimum one-year warranty don’t hire them!

 Cost Effective Service

    1. Always get both springs replaced for two spring systems, even if only one spring breaks. Torsion springs are rated at 10,000-cycles, so if one breaks the other isn’t far behind. Save yourself time and money and get both replaced right away. $225 once is cheaper than paying $165 twice! Make sure you mention to the repair service that you would like both springs replaced.

 Get Estimates First

    1. Hold the repairman or technician to the estimate they give you and always have them explain the work they are doing. Tell them you want to be notified if the repair goes over the estimate given to you on the phone. Don’t let them nickel and dime you with a ton of add-on charges.

 Ask About Discounts

  1. Have your military ID or veterans card ready when paying for service. Some repairmen offer a small discount for military personnel and senior citizens. It never hurts to ask! Some companies offer senior citizen discounts as well.