Garage Door Opener Reinforcement Brackets

Garage Door Operator Reinforcement Bracket

Garage door opener reinforcement brackets should be used on any garage door using a trolley operator system. The “J Arm” on your garage door operator rail exerts a lot of force on the top panel of your garage door. Over time this force can weaken the structure of your garage door section. Eventually, it will weaken the section enough that it can rip the center style bracket right off your top panel – leaving you with a large repair bill and unusable garage door. Using an operator reinforcement bracket on the top panel can decrease the chance of this happening. Here are 5 reasons you should consider using an operator reinforcement bracket on your garage door:


Inexpensive and Cost Effective

Operator reinforcement brackets are inexpensive and worth paying for. For as little as $20.00 you can ensure your top section doesn’t break. Compared to the cost of most top panels on garage doors and the labor involved in repairing them, operator brackets are cost-effective.

Extends Garage Door Lifespan

Reinforcement brackets distribute the forces of the operator arm across the entire top section. This saves not only the top section, but all of the sections attached from unnecessary wear and tear over the long term.

Maintains a Warranty with Garage Door Manufacturers

Operator brackets are so cost-effective that many garage door manufacturers and door dealers will not warranty a garage door unless these brackets are installed. For them it is simple math – operator brackets cost $20 while new top garage door panels can be in the hundreds of dollars.

Easy to Install

These operator brackets are incredibly easy to install yourself. All you need is a drill and a small step-ladder. The reinforcement bracket is installed vertically across the top section, under all hinges and struts. Use self tapping screws to fasten the bracket in place. Then connect your operator J-Arm to the bracket.

Maintenance Free

These brackets are 100% maintenance free and blend right in with the door hardware. They don’t require lubrication or any adjustments after installation.

What should I do if I don’t currently have an operator reinforcement bracket installed?

There is no need to panic if you don’t currently have one installed. Your door can survive a few more days, but don’t wait too much longer. Visit your local door dealer or visit today for the best prices on garage door operator reinforcement brackets. Use coupon code “STAMPS10” and save 10% on your next online purchase!


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