Garage Door Laser Parking Assistant

Garage Door Opener Laser Parking Assistant

Do you ever have trouble not knowing how far to pull forward when parking your vehicle in the garage? Parking problems can be a common occurrence for people with smaller sized garages, large vehicles or garages used for storage. While hanging tennis balls from the ceiling and using tire stop mats work just fine, a garage door laser parking assistant works even better. These small devices are easy to install, inexpensive and are the most precise way to park your vehicle in the garage.

Laser parking assistants allow you to park your vehicle in the exact same position every time. Parking assistants shoot a class 2 laser beam from the ceiling of your garage to your dashboard or fixed position on the car. You simply pull your vehicle in the garage and make sure the laser beam is positioned on the exact same marker on your vehicle to ensure a well positioned park. These devices eliminate the need for hanging tennis balls and parking mats which can be an eye sore. Laser parking assistants are both discreet and easy to install. They are an ideal solution for finished garages and garages with a tight fit.

Laser Parking Assistant Features

  • Class 2 Laser
  • Automatic Shutoff (1-minute certain models)
  • Universal Hookup (without auto shutdown)
  • Easy Installation
  • Installing the Laser Parking Assistant


Installing the parking assistant is easy, requiring only the screws and anchors provided. Mount the laser device on the ceiling behind your garage door opener. Using a stud finder, mount the device into the ceiling using the anchors and screws provided. Attach the device’s wires to the back of your operator connecting like wires together. The laser parking assistant connects to your garage door opener head, needing no external power.

Installation Materials Needed

  • Screwdriver
  • Screws
  • Anchors
  • Tape Measure
  • Ladder
  • Stud Finder


The laser parking assistant made by Liftmaster (977LM) is ideal for people seeking a high-tech parking solution. The device is easy to install and works with nearly all models of garage door openers. It even features a 1-minute automatic shut off with compatible openers. At just $19.99 or less laser parking assistants are a cheap way to ensure proper parking.

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