Garage Door Insulation Ratings

Garage Door Insulation Types

Garage door insulation ratings are determined by R Value. Before deciding a garage door to purchase you will need to determine what level of insulation you need. As a general rule, colder climates require higher R Value doors – what level of insulation needed depends on the type of building you have and where you live. Garage doors can be classified into four basic categories. These characteristic of insulated overhead doors should help you throughout the buying process.

Non Insulated Garage Doors

When covering an unheated garage opening at the lowest price is your main concern non-insulated doors are your best option. These doors are economical for anyone looking to secure an opening at a low price. Detached garages and storage sheds are best covered with non insulated garage doors. While these doors stop wind, rain and debree from entering the garage, they are flimsy and offer almost no R value.

Vinyl Back Insulated

An insulated garage door can save you money on utility bills. Vinyl back insulated garage doors get an R Value of 8 , which is high enough to pay for itself through lowered energy costs. Although higher R Values exist, vinyl back insulated garage doors are the cheapest way to insulated your door. If you currently have a non insulated garage door attached to your house consider purchasing an insulated kit. This is especially important in colder climates where heating bills are higher. The downside to these doors is durability as vinyl insulated garage doors get dirty and puncture easily.

Polystyrene Insulated Sandwich Doors

Double sided steel doors are widely popular and carry a slightly higher R Value than Vinyl back insulated garage doors. These overhead doors have double sided steel with insulated sandwiching polystyrene foam. Most of these style doors get homeowners an R Value of 10. Double sided steel doors are stronger and won’t rattle when the wind blows. They also offer increased resistance to children, animals and inclement weather.

Polyurethane Insulated Sandwich Doors

If you use your garage as a workshop and heat or cool it, polyurethane insulated garage doors are the best option. These doors provide maximum climate control getting an R rating of over 17. Unlike polystyrene insulated, polyurethane is injected into the inner cavity of a garage door. This process of filling all of the gaps means it is thermally broken. These doors are often the highest priced garage doors available, but offer the best in climate control.



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