Garage Door Extension Spring Replacement Cost

Garage Door EXT Springs

Garage door extension spring replacement cost varies by door weight , overhead door size and specific market area. Extension springs are commonly called “stretch” springs and can be easily replaced by most homeowners. Unlike torsion springs that wind up under tension, extension springs stretch to balance out the door. These springs can be ordered online or found at your local door store. They are commonly used on doors of 7ft and 8ft heights, although larger sizes can be specially ordered.

All extension springs are rated by door weight using a color coding system. Every weight rating takes on a different color so it is important that you properly identify your door weight and the corresponding color. Overhead door extension springs are much less expensive than torsion springs – about 50% less cost. One pair of torsion springs may cost $75-$125 while most extension springs can be purchased for under $50 per pair. Labor to replace extension springs by a qualified door professional averages $100-$150 depending on market location.

Although it may be tempting to replace only the broken spring, repair both extension springs at the same time. This will prevent one spring from being stronger than the other – causing the door to open and close out of level. Secondly, a safety cable should be used on all stretch springs. Safety cables are installed through the center of the spring so when they break pieces of metal won’t shatter all over the garage.

  • Measure Door Height
  • Weigh Door With Scales
  • Always Replace in Pairs
  • Use Safety Cables
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