How do I get my garage door company listed in your directory?

Fill out the required submit listing form with your company information. Put our link on the main page of your website. We will review your listing information and check for our link. You should be listed within 48 hours of following these instructions.

Where should I go to order garage door parts online?

There are several e-commerce sites for overhead door parts purchases, but we recommend our friends at Stamps Door Parts. Great prices with fast shipping on the most common garage door parts.

What is the best brand of garage door openers?

Our favorite company is Chamberlain – the parent of Liftmaster. Their products are usually sold at professional door dealers and are higher quality. Sears craftsman operators are also great for do it yourself installation.

What brand of garage doors do you recommend?

Most of the recognized door manufacturers are similar in quality. It all depends on the door package you get. Our favorite dealer is CHI Overhead Doors out of Arthur, Illinois.

How often should my garage door be serviced?

We recommend a minimum of once per year. Always service your overhead door before winter. The cold temperatures and snow are really hard on the metal parts of a garage door. Lubricate and adjust the springs, hinges and rollers in late fall.

My garage door starts down and reverses back up again – what should I do?

Your best bet is to call a repair technician – but before you do that we recommend you troubleshoot the problem yourself. Check the photo eye safety sensors at the bottom right and left side of your door. Read, Garage Door Safety Sensor Problems and How to Fix Garage Door Safety Sensors for ideas on how to fix your issues.

My garage door spring broke – what should I do?

You can order the spring(s) yourself or you can hire an experienced garage door technician. First, you need to identify the type springs you have. Torsion springs mount on a tube over the top of the door. Extension springs stretch on the sides of the door by the horizontal track. See our guide, Garage Door Extension Springs and Garage Door Torsion Springs.

You can use our directory to find an experienced garage door technician for hire or order the springs online and do it yourself. Our guide, How to Buy Garage Door Torsion Springs should give you all information you need to order the springs through an online garage door parts store.

I hear a strange humming noise and there is white plastic shavings under the garage door opener. My door won’t raise up when I press the button. What is wrong?

The main drive gear in the motor is likely stripped. After it strips white nylon shavings are often found under the motor. Open the casing on the operator box and checked for a stripped gear. Replacing the gear and sprocket is an easy do it yourself project. Read our guides, Garage Door Opener Stripped Gears and Reasons Why Garage Doors Won’t Open.

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