If you garage door isn’t working properly , a few common garage door repairs are probably needed to get it running again. Your overhead door is the largest moving object on your home. It is heavy and has a lot of dangerous moving parts that are prone to wear over time. When trying to troubleshoot a door that isn’t functioning look for these common overhead door repairs.

Broken Springs

Garage door springs are rated based on cycles. The industry standard for torsion and extension springs is 10,000 cycles. Based on average use, you can expect most springs to last 10 years.  Replacing broken torsion springs can be done by anyone with basic handyman skills. Springs can be measured and then ordered online or purchased from a door dealer.  Broken torsion springs are by far the most common garage door repair. If you don’t feel comfortable in changing out torsion springs yourself, call your local garage door professional.

Cables Off Drums

Broken cables or cables that have slipped off drums are a sign of a broken spring. Thrown cables also occur often when you have closed the garage door on top of something like a chair, car bumper or garbage can. In the event your garage door cables have frayed, replace them immediately to avoid damage to your garage door sections. Cables are under an extreme amount of tension from torsion springs. Always consult a garage door professional if you are inexperienced in garage door repair.

Cracked Roller Out of Track

Just like torsion springs, rollers are also rated on cycles. Most rollers last 15,000 cycles or 10-15 years before wearing out. They are most susceptible to cracking and worn out bearings. Rollers can also slip out of track when vertical tracks are misaligned or panel get bent.  Damaged rollers create noisy operation and cause binding when the door moves around the radius. Rollers located anywhere except the bottom brackets can be replaced easily.

Broken Hinges

Garage door hinges come in a variety of metal gauges. 14-gauge hinges should outlast most garage doors while 16 and 18 gauge hinges need to be replaced often. When purchasing garage doors not all packages are created equal. Commercial grade hardware packages are a must when buying a new garage door. Always ask your door salesman what grade of hinges and rollers your are getting. Lighter doors don’t need heavy duty hardware, while heavier doors and double doors should always get an upgraded hardware package.


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