Opener Reinforcement Bracket Adjustable

Opener Reinforcement Bracket Adjustable

Brand: Fehr Brothers
Product Code: Opener Reinforcement Bracket Adjustable
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Adjustable operator reinforcement brackets brace the top section of a garage door, distributing the force pulling the top panel across a wider area. This prevents the top panel from cracking, splitting or having the center style pull away from the door. Rebrackets are available in different styles and colors and are necessary for anyone using a garage door opener. Operator brackets are an inexpensive and cost effective way to reinforce the top section of your garage door.

Operator brackets can be used on both residential and light duty commercial overhead doors. Reinforcement brackets can be ordered in different sizes to match the height of a specific panel or can be ordered as adjustable. They can also be ordered narrow or wide bodied to match the width of the style on the garage panel. Always measure the height of the top panel on your garage door before ordering. If you don’t know what size you need, order an adjustable bracket to accommodate any size panel.


Why Use Adjustable Operator Reinforcement Brackets?


  1. Inexpensive and cost effective
  2. Extends the life of your garage door
  3. Maintain your warranty through door manufacturers
  4. Easy to install with no maintenance needed

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