Increase Garage Door Remote Range

Increase garage door remote range signal by replacing batters, extending the antenna or changing frequency. Garage door opener remotes have a maximum allowable range of 150 feet through government regulations – although most remotes struggle to reach 50 feet because of interference. Range becomes so poor on some remotes that homeowners must stand right next to the garage door to open it.  Here are a few ways to increase your remote control signal range.

Replace Batteries

Remote control batteries should be replaced every 5-6 years regardless of use. Old batteries can easily get corroded and loss of signal range. Most remotes use 3V disc shaped batteries. Always replace batteries first, when trying to increase your remote control range.

Extend the Antenna

Most garage door operators have an external antenna hanging from the machine. Use bell wire to extend the antenna, running the extended wire through the metal punched angle iron that hangs from the ceiling. Weave the wire in and out of the holes on the angle iron. Metal is a great conductor and should help boost the received signal. If you have a commercial operator you can purchase an external antenna with coaxial cable.

Change Frequency

If all else fails consider hiring a professional service technician to replace your circuit board or install a receiver. The two most common frequencies are 315 mhz and 390 mhz. You will also need to purchase new remote controls. Use the Liftmaster 895 max remote as it is a dual band remote working for both frequencies. The 895 max remote by Liftmaster works on any garage door opener that has a red or purple learn button.

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